About Us

Janet Ronkin

Janet Ronkin founded College Experts in 2010. A lifelong educator, Janet first started in the SAT® test prep business accidentally when her son and his friends needed help preparing for the test. Working with them around her kitchen table, she discovered her true passion. Her desire to educate high school students and help them achieve their goals led her to start College Experts. Over the years, Janet helped countless students increase their PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT® and ACT® scores as much as 500 points and gain admission to some of the most prestigious universities around the country. More importantly, Janet believed in personal attention and bringing out the best in every student and reveled in celebrating each student’s personal successes.

Unfortunately, Janet’s life was cut tragically short this past June, but her legacy continues at College Experts and through all the students she helped over the years.


Lisa Solovay

Lisa Solovay, our Director of College Counseling, has extensive experience advising and counseling college-bound students. Prior to joining College Experts, she worked as the Brace Advisor and Silver Knight Coordinator for West Broward High School and was previously at Western High School. She has advised, counseled and placed thousands of students over the years, working with them on four-year planning, creating resumes, identifying universities that meet each student’s needs, completing applications, brainstorming and drafting essays, and applying for scholarships. She also has built a strong network of relationships with college admissions professionals across the country.

Lisa’s former students have been accepted to numerous Ivy League colleges, as well as other prestigious universities, including Stanford, MIT, Duke, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Emory and Washington University at St. Louis. Lisa has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, where her daughters are current students, and subsequently earned an M.B.A. from Florida Atlantic University.