Closed Memorial Day

We will be closed on Monday, May 30th, for Memorial Day. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!

Application Assistance

Application Assistance students are still being accepted. We are working on resumes and personal statements now. By August most applications will be ready to go so that our students can earn early responses. Schools such as FIU go around to

Is your rising senior applying only to the Florida Public Colleges next year?

If so, College Experts is offering, a new application program for these students. For years this has been requested. It includes resumes, essays, plans for classes and activities consulting and advice on how enter grades for SSARS. We have been

All Seniors!

You must accept one school and send a deposit by May 1st or all your hard work will skip away. That deposit holds your spot in that school. A deposit for a dorm room does not hold a spot for

Coalition Announces New Application with Student Locker

The top 90 schools have designed a new application for this year. They want to know more about you, so they have designed a locker room where you can share what your passion in life is that you cannot wait

Class of 2020

The acceptances are rolling in. Come see the wall in the front office. This week we have heard from Northwestern, Boston University, Emory, Johns Hopkins, Washington U, Cornell, Vanderbilt and Barnard. By April 1st we should know most decisions. The

National Merit Class

The National Merit Class, which was so successful, last year, will be starting in the beginning of June. The minimum score is a 1200 in Reading and Math on the PSAT or SAT. Space is very limited in this program.

New SAT & ACT Classes Starting

New classes start this week. For those who have not started, spread the news that the next round of SAT and ACT classes are starting next week. College Board has made some changes for 2017. They are adding an August

Recommend a Friend or Relative

It’s that time of year: Gift Card Time. Recommend a new student and receive an American Express $50 gift card, one card per student.