FAQ: Current Students

Lessons and Homework

I need to make-up a class. What do I do?

All make-up lessons are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Our class size is limited.

  • Contact our office to verify which lesson you actually missed.
  • Get a list of days and times make-up lessons are available.
  • Always call College Experts the day before to make sure the class schedule has not changed.
  • Come at least 30 minutes early for your make-up lesson to ensure a spot in the class. No advance reservations are accepted.
  • Check in as soon as you arrive.
  • Wait for staff to call your name and tell you which room to go to.

Can I repeat lessons?

If you begin our Complete Program prior to the 11th grade, you will participate in revised and updated curriculum once in each grade level through the 11th grade.
If you have not received the scores you need after taking the national tests in 11th grade, please contact us so we can schedule an evaluation for you. Based on your scores, activity, and goals, we will design a plan for you leading up to the 12th grade. We offer a new math and verbal workshop each week, so there is never a reason to repeat our lessons.

Workshops and Vocabulary Lab

Do I have to finish lessons before coming to workshops or participating in practice tests?

As soon as your lessons start, you can attend the workshops. The workshops are intended to review the concepts you are learning in your lessons and to give you more practice with them. You should attend workshops until you reach your score goal. College Experts’ recommendation is that after attending Verbal 3 and Math 3, you are ready to begin taking practice tests.

Do I need an appointment to go to the workshop?

Workshops are available 4:00pm-6:00pm and 6:00pm-8:00pm Monday through Thursday and 11:00am-1:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

How often does College Experts change the workshop material?

We introduce new workshop material every week.

How do I use the Vocabulary Lab?

Use the vocabulary lab in conjunction with time you are here for other activities, such as your lessons or workshops. Plan to complete 2 new units per month. The first time you come to use the lab, just go and check in. Our staff will show you how to log on to the lab exercises. We will keep track of your performance in the lab.

Full-Length Practice Tests

When can I take full-length practice tests?

You can take a test any day we are open, but you must start the test at least four hours before we close in order to complete it. Remember to bring a calculator.


I think I need extra tutoring. What should I do?

If you are actively involved in the workshops and you’re taking regular practice tests and attending the instructor-led reviews, you may not feel like you need additional help. If there’s an area in which you want a little more focus, you want to review one of your tests individually, or a time constraint or learning difference concerns you, let us know. Individual tutoring can always be arranged for an additional hourly fee to help you feel more confident on the big test day.

When should I take the national tests?

We will help you develop your testing timeline. Your timeline will be affected by many factors, such as your high school courses, exam schedule, college choices, and score level, so it’s wise to discuss your options with our director.

How do I prepare for SAT Subject Tests™?

First, you have to determine whether or not you need them. If you know that you do, we have a diagnostic test for most test topics so you can identify your strongest subjects and consider those subjects for national test dates.