College Applications Assistance

College Applications Assistance

Getting accepted to college is not just about grades, scores and extracurricular activities. It is a journey through life enabling a student who gets on the right path to achieve goals you may never have expected him or her to achieve. It is filled with lots of gossip amongst families who have “been there.” Here at College Experts we design a program specifically for your student. It starts with a meeting and evaluations.

The Four Basics to Acceptance at any University

  • Courses and level of Challenge
  • Achievements – Grades
  • Test scores
  • Leadership

It used to be that one weak area could be overcome by a very strong area. In the level of competition today for admission to our American Universities, there is no room for a weak area. The sooner your child buys into this concept, the better he or she will do and the happier he or she will be. We are your partners in ensuring this understanding takes place. So Start Early. Do not wait until the doors to colleges are closed to decide to start the process.

  • Resume – How can you have a resume if you have done nothing? There has to be a plan to show leadership. While it does not take the place of a strenuous curriculum, without a strong resume your student does not get accepted.
    • We help guide your child to opportunities
    • We help find and apply to summer programs
    • We help find internships
    • We help find research opportunities
    • We help write the letters and the website words to show off your child and find the experiences that help them make life decisions
  • Courses – It is not enough to take AP courses if you get C’s or D’s. We help select courses and evaluate successful paths. Your child may want to be a nuclear physicist, but if he or she is poor in conceptual math, we have to find new careers. We are constantly evaluating the future to suggest career choices and find opportunities to match your child’s abilities with his or her desires.
  • Grades – It is not enough to wake up in the junior year and have all A’s and B’s. Those grades need to be there from grade 9 onward. Your students need to understand this. It is part of our guidance function. College Deans of Admission do not have forgiveness policies as your high might have.
  • Scores – You are competing not just reaching score goals. Minimums are not enough. College Expert’s test prep courses are never done until you have been accepted and earned scholarships. If your child needs the last ten points, we will encourage him or her to study more with us and go back and test again.
  • We are Different! Our job is not just to create a list. We are there on a daily basis to help your child find himself or herself and describe that vision to the admission committee. We are there to readjust when they get off on a favorite tangent, let the grades slip, or select of “fantasy university.” On the other hand we are their cheerleaders. We believe in them. They are our future. They will take the world to new heights.
    It is our job to help them understand their job which is to prepare to give to their children, your grandchildren, what you have provided for them, a loving stable home life that carries on your goals for them, your ideals for them, your dreams for your family in perpetuity.We are not just test prep. We are the counselors for you family.

gradsThe College Applications Process

  • Interview
  • Resume
  • Programs
  • Activities
  • Personal Statement
  • Essays
  • Website Ideas
  • Career Choices
  • Scholarships (College Specific, National, Local)
  • Visits to College
  • Financial Aid
  • Decisions
  • Evaluations
  • Deadlines
  • Plan

This is an individual effort with your child.