Test Preparation Program

Thank you for your interest in our one-of-a-kind program to prepare you for the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT® and ACT® exams. Our mission is to help you reach your college admissions test goals. Our students typically see increases of 150 to 500 points in their SAT® scores after completing our program.

Our “SAT®/ACT® Complete Program” provides the…

Large_bubble_sheet_webBest Guarantee in the Industry

Continuing preparation, including ongoing practice with new material until you graduate from high school at no additional cost.

  • Most Flexible and Comprehensive Program in the Industry
  • Designed with busy students in mind
  • Engaging, small group classes with up-to-date materials
  • Flexible schedules, allowing lessons to be taken out of sequence
  • Updated curriculum each year
  • New instructor-led verbal and math workshops continuously
  • Vocabulary lab available anytime during office hours
  • Practice testing available anytime during office hours with review
  • On-site, instructor-led make-up lessons, not taped events — at no additional cost
  • Progress tracking

Best Instructors in the Industry

  • Only college-degreed, experienced test prep teachers, scoring in the highest percentiles, who complete rigorous and ongoing training
    Optional, Individual, One-on-One Tutoring
  • Private sessions, available as a supplement to our “SAT®/ACT® Complete Program” on an hourly fee basis
    Special Programs Available for Students with Learning Differences
  • A modified “SAT®/ACT® Complete Program” with customized individual tutoring

Best Value in the Business

Our “SAT®/ACT® Complete Program” enabling each student to prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT® exam and ACT® test, all for a one-time fee based on the student’s grade level at the time of the first scheduled lesson

Start your preparation when you’re ready, not when our schedule says so.


Complete Program for Grades 9-12.

The College Experts “SAT®/ACT® Complete Program” allows each student to take progressive steps towards his or her college admissions test goals while managing demanding school and extracurricular activities. Our unique program lets you prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT® exam and ACT® test. You have access to all of our Complete Program activities through high school graduation for one price based on your grade level upon enrollment.

Each year you will participate in:

  • 14 PSAT/NMSQT®/SAT®/ACT® lessons focused on subject content and testing strategies, including an in-class full-length test
  • Vocabulary lab to improve critical reading scores
  • Workshops Weekly instructor-led Verbal and Math practice sessions – 4 per month recommended
  • Practice tests available during office hours with follow-up review session scheduled regularly
  • ACT® supplementary lessons (Junior and Senior Years)  5 Lessons – 2 hrs. each
  • SAT®/ACT® Workshops (Junior and Senior Years) before each national test date

Complete Test Prep Program 

PSAT/NMSQT®/SAT®/ACT® Lessons. (14 lessons, 2 hours each). In each class, you will learn how to tackle a concept you’ll see on the tests. Our instructors will guide you through the content, strategies, and techniques you’ll need to master in order to do your best.

Classes consist of:

  • Small groups (no more than 12 students on a roster)
  • Specialized material for each class meeting
  • Homework for additional practice
  • Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Test 1 – Baseline scores provide a starting point.

You’ll take the first diagnostic test before attending any of your lessons. This gives us information about your strengths and weaknesses. You can come in any day we are open to take Diagnostic Test as long as you start the test at least 3 hours before we close. Questions from the test are used throughout the lessons as teaching tools; however, we do not review this test with you. You haven’t learned our strategies yet, so we just want to see where you are.

Diagnostic Test 2 – It’s time to check your skills.

Following all your lessons, you will take a full-length test to put the strategies you’ve learned into practice. The test will be reviewed in the last class session. As you review the test, you’ll learn about your strengths and weaknesses, ways you can improve, and strategies you may have overlooked. Students then have the opportunity to attend workshops to hone their skills and further master the material.


  • Each workshop is a 1-2 hour instructor-led practice session.
  • The are interactive sessions, which will provide practice for each section of the test and review test-taking strategies.
  • Can be scheduled at your convenience. We recommend one workshop per week until you reach your goal. Workshops are offered year-round.

Practice Tests

Practice tests give you the opportunity to practice everything you’ve learned in a real testing environment. You can take a test any day we are open, but you must start the test at least 4 hours before we close in order to complete it. You can start taking practice tests after you’ve gotten a few lessons under your belt, so that you can begin putting your strategies to good use. They’re a great way to see where you stand and how far you still need to go.

Test Reviews

We all learn from our mistakes…that’s what a test review is all about. You need to schedule a test review which allows you the opportunity to see what problems you missed – whether you made a simple mistake, or you find yourself struggling with a particular topic.

Vocabulary Development

The vocabulary lab offers a chance to review anytime we are open. The lab exercises will test your knowledge and give you more words to study, with over 50 units in all.