Sebastian Faerman, Luis Gomez, Gerardo Pineda and Shirly Mayer with Mrs. Ronkin

Sebastian Faerman, Luis Gomez, Gerardo Pineda and Shirly Mayer with Mrs. Ronkin

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Congratulations Billy Mauer on receiving a Digital Domain Institute tuition scholarship for $9,500! We cannot wait to see your work on the big screen!

“Tucked away towards the back of an executive office complex on University Drive in Davie, is a hidden gem. If you are the parent of a student in middle or high school, this is a place worth looking into. They offer study courses for PSAT/NMQST®, SAT®, AND ACT®, but they are so much more than that. They also offer college counseling and guidance. Deciding where to go to college, which schools really offer what you are looking for, the entire application process, finding scholarship money. The list is endless. Students and parents are guided through this process by the director of the center, Janet Ronkin. She really knows the ropes, and she is dead serious about making sure that HER KIDS set their goals correctly and achieve them. My son has been attending CE since the beginning of this school year. I can see the work ethic of the students here. They are motivated. They are here for a reason and they are serious. They want to succeed and they WILL succeed, because they have their eye on the prize. They celebrate when test scores go up. And they REALLY celebrate when the acceptance letters begin to arrive. Success is contagious, and this is the place to come catch it!” – Esther Werbin

“College Experts has helped us improve our scores on the SAT® and ACT® exams.  They provided us with great counseling and advice, not only for college, but for our future as well. “ – Sebastian Faerman, Luis Gomez, Gerardo Pineda and Shirly Mayer

“Thank you for your help with Isaac. He raised his scores with your help. He will be attending UCF Honors program next year. He did get into all schools that he applied to except one. We will not discuss that school except to say there loss!!” – Leah Koppel

“I want to thank you for all the support and advice you provided to us and Adam over the years.  Adam did get into every school he applied to.  Your courses helped him excel on both the SAT® and ACT® exams. Thank you so much.” – Nancy Reich

Congrats Kat Boonzaier on receiving a $50 gift certificate for referring Michelle Piguet to College Experts!! Welcome to the family Michelle.

I got into GW with 15,000 every year, USC with 15,000 every year, northwestern, bu with 10,000 for coming year and unc, and I got wait listed at Vanderbilt! I’m really happy thanks for all your help! Lucila Gambino

“College experts helped me with every step of the pre-college process; from SAT®/ACT® classes to the college applications to scholarships. I truly thank them for all the help and making the process run smoothly and successfully.” – Yoel Lapscher

“My score improved more than 300 points. I couldn’t have done it without College Experts!” – Shir Ibgui