Is your rising senior applying only to the Florida Public Colleges next year?

If so, College Experts is offering, a new application program for these students.

For years this has been requested. It includes resumes, essays, plans for classes and activities consulting and advice on how enter grades for SSARS. We have been particularly successful with the top three Florida Schools: U of Florida, FSU and UCF. We work one on one with your student under the direction of Mrs Ronkin and our Center Directors. It includes Bright Futures Scholarship application if your student qualifies. Call to see what score your student needs to qualify for this money to be used only for Florida Colleges. He/she can qualify until June of the senior year.

Let us help your student earn the best educational value in the country. The tuition is amongst the lowest in the country.  Your family must be legal residents of Florida to qualify for this tuition.

Call for more information!

954 434 6464

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